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Using your own pictures or ideas

How can I use my own pictures?

It's possible to use your own pictures in our configurator, you can simply upload and use them there! We'll always check if the quality of your image is suitable for the size of your kitchen splashback. We use a minimal resolution of 3350 pixels per 100 cm. If you want a wall panel of 300 cm your image should have at least 9.000 pixels. For a crisp and sharp image, a resolution of 10.000 pixels per meter is better, an optimal choice.

However, if you have any doubts about the quality of your images, you can always send them to us through WeTransfer. We will then determine what we can do for you. With our special software we might be able to enlarge your image a little bit, we can also show you what printing quality you can expect when we use your pictures.

The video below explains how to use our product configurator. English subtitles are available from the gear wheel menu in the video.

Why do I have to use Wetransfer to e-mail my pictures to you?

Image files are often very large, a lot of mail clients make small changes to your files to make them more suitable for sending. This makes them harder to work with and you might end up making your image file unusable. Through WeTransfer we can download your original files. This ensures the highest possible quality. 

Can I also use an image I found on a stock website?

We collaborate with istock.com, shutterstock.com and adobestock.com. You can search for the perfect images there. You don't need to buy the pictures yourself, we do that for you. This way we make sure you're not buying any images that later apear to be unusable. Only when you are completely satisfied with the proposed design we will buy the specific image. The costs of the image will be added to your bill. A stockphoto mostly costs € 15,00, but ther are also more expensive ones.

Does the configurator warn me when my pictures are of insufficient quality?

When you want to use your own photos you can upload them into the configurator. Before you order you can contact us to have your photo's checked for quality. We chose not to work with an automatic warning system, there are often things we can do to improve the quality and we want to give you that service.

Can I choose different colours?

Our kitchen walls have a white base as standard; this white shade is closest to RAL9016. If you would like the background to be a specific colour to match the rest of your kitchen, we would be happy to hear from you.

We can supply our Pimp Superior and Pimp Solid in exact RAL colours from the RAL K7 colour range. You then simply choose the 'RAL colour' image in the configurator and specify the exact colour you want by e-mail. At Pimp Flexible, these colours will always be an approximation.

Please note that in certain cases we cannot approach the colour 100%, in which case we will always try to come as close as possible. If necessary, it is possible to have colour samples made, so you can be sure that the final wall is entirely to your liking. Just E-mail us about the possibilities.



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