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Frequently asked questions

Materials and mounting

What materials are available?

There are three main materials, the Pimp Superior, the Pimp Solid and the Pimp Flexible. Everything you need to know about the materials can be found on our materials page. There are in dept descriptions and even Youtube video's on how to mount your materials to the wall. If you want to try our materials before ordering you can simply ask us for some samples. Just send us an e-mail!

Are the materials waterproof?

All our materials come with a laminated or coated top layer, this makes them waterproof. When installing our materials it's best to add a bit of silicone sealant between the wall panel and the counter top, that way, no water can get under the material. It also makes for a clean and hygienic finish. Our Pimp Superior is so incredibly waterproof that people even started to install wall panels in bathrooms, directly under their shower!

What about heat resistance?

All of our materials are suitable to be used close to a cooker. If you cook on a stove where there are open flames, it is adviseable to not let the wall panel come in direct contact with the fire. It's not dangerous to have that happen, since the materials can not catch fire, but your design might be ruined. The same goes for direct contact with hot pans. Fat splashes or hot steam are absolutely no problem. 

For our Pimp Solid Material there is one more thing to be aware of. Since the Pimp Solid material has a plastic core it is better to not expose it to long stretches of heat exposure. We therefore advise a minimum distance of 10 cm from the nearest open flame source (in case you have a stove). The plastic core might melt or deform otherwise. If your splashback is going to be this near fire, we recommend the Pimp Superior or installing a backboardsaver. 

And fire safety?

All our materials are self extinguishing - flame spread classification class A, based on ASTM E84 method. See the video underneath.

What can I use to clean my splashback?

It's best to use a soft piece of cloth and some soap or all-purpose cleaner. Never use solvents, degreasers, bleaching agents, (resin)cleaners or abrasives.

Cleaning your kitchen splashback is also very easy! See for yourself in this video! English subtitles are available from the gear wheel menu in the video.

Will I see the subsurface through the splashback material?

No, our materials are not see-through. We don't use any kind of glass. The Pimp superior is a solid 2 mm thick aluminium plate and the Pimp Solid is Plastic surrouned by aluminium. The base colour is white and is not transparant. You won't notice anything from your subsurface.

The Pimp Flexible is best comparable with a very high quality wall paper with an added layer to make it heat resistant and easy to clean. If you have large parts of white in your chosen design and your subsurface is black or some other very dark colour, you just might see a light colour difference. In that case it's best to first paint your wall in a lighter, even colour.

Where shoud I pay attention to when I measure my kitchen

We produce the wall panels according to the sizes you communicate to us, this happens within a high margin of accuracy. If your need to fit your wall panel precisely between 2 objects, like cabinets and a wall, you might want to leave a little bit of wiggle room. We advise a margin of -4 mm broadwise and -3 mm hightwise, this is in almost all cases enough. We also advise to measure very carefully and double check to see if you communicate the right measurements to us. 

Can you send someone to do the measuring and/or installing once the product is delivered?

We deliver our products to your front door. Our preferred shipping company wil contact you to make an apointment. This way you can make sure that you're home when the products are delivered as it won't fit in your mailbox. There are multiple video's on our Youtube channel that explain how to install the products on you wall. The videos are in Dutch, but you'll be able to follow the steps. There are also detailed descriptions (in English) on our website that guide you through the measuring proces. With them you are sure to succeed. 

If you really don't want to do this yourself, you can always hire a handyman to help you.

Are there any requirements to the subsurface?

Not for the Pimp Superior and Pimp Solid materials, they can be mounted on top of old tiles or structure paint. Just make sure to evenly devide the glue/adhesive.

For the Pimp Flexible there are some, it's best to approach this like regular wallpaper. If your surface is not flat, smooth, dry and clean you're going to notice that later. 

English subtitles are available from the gear wheel menu in the video.

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