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Aluminium kitchen splashbacks custom made

An aluminium kitchen splashback looks best if it's custom made for your kitchen. The feeling that one gets when your custom made product fits perfectly, puts a big smile on anyone's face.

It is that smile that we see as our goal. With our high-tech machinery, we can produce your kitchen splashback in any shape, including cutouts for wallsockets, light switches and the like. This makes installing your custom made kitchen splashback super easy.

The maximum dimensions available are 4 meters by 1.50 meters (lenght x width). The panel itself is very thin (2 mm) and therefore very light.


Measuring your kitchen splashback

If you want a custom made kitchen splashback then you'll need to know all the precise dimensions that are relevant and make them known to us. If you don't happen to know all the exact measurements by heart ;), you'll have to measure your kitchen using a measuring tape or any other measuring device. Measuring your kitchen is easy enough but it does require some attention.

Fortunately we made a handy animationvideo that explains the entire process. With that, everyone can measure his or her kitchen properly. Additional information for measuring your kitchen wall can be found on our website.

Please note: the video is in Dutch but English subtitles are available in the gearwheel menu found in the bottom right of the video screen.

Personalised kitchen splashbacks

After you finished measuring your kitchen it is time to think about the design. At Pimp Your Kitchen you not only choose your design but also your desired shape. In our collection there are over 100 amazing images, paterns and designs in different, popular categories. Can't find anything you like? You can also upload your own photos or designs. That way you can be certain you will get something truely unique!

Ordering a custom made kitchen splashback is both quick and easy through our product configurator. The configurator has the most common shapes and all of our images, paterns and designs ready for you. Simply insert the correct dimensions, choose your design and place your order. The entire proces takes just a few minutes and we'll get to work right away.

We also made an animation video explaining the order proces, watch it below!

Please note: the video is in Dutch but English subtitles are available from the gearwheel menu in the bottom right of the video screen.

Custom made means that it will fit perfectly

We not only make cutouts for wall sockets and the like, we can also make your kitchen splashback in creative shapes and sizes! A small part of our collection is especially made for this. In the category "SubTile" you can find designs that mimic different kinds of tiles. One would choose this category if a photo or image just isn't to your liking or doesn't fit your style. Search the SubTile category for designs with "Refined Edge" in the name. You'll imediately notice the cut-to-shape top. This is super unique!

If you would like such a shape, you can't use our configurator (yet). In that case just send an email to Jolien via info@pimpyourkitchen.nl and tell her about your wishes. 

Additional operations don't cost anyting extra

Yes, you read that right! Additional operations like making cutouts or addaptations to the shape of your kitchen splash back doesn't cost anything extra! That means you can go wild with your creativity!

Not only is cutting and milling so easy with our ultramodern equipment that we might aswell do it for your, but above all we want to add to your convenience. Milling yourself with a milling machine can be tricky and will only lead to rubbish getting stuck everywhere while you just want to enjoy your newly pimped kitchen! How nice is it that you only have to stick your custom-made kitchen splashback to the wall and be done with it? We see it as part of our service that helps getting that big smile on your face that we talked about in the beginning of this article.

Get started quickly! We are happy to help you!


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 25 maart 2019

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