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 12 juni 2019

Plastic kitchen splashback

The kitchen no longer looks the same as it did 50 years ago. Style and tastes change but the material used is now different.

That of course applies to almost everything.

One of the things that still uses the same technology is the kitchen back wall. You will still find tiles there.

The tiles no longer look as old-fashioned as before, but they are still tiles. So there is still a lot to improve.


Kitchen splashbacks made from plastic (PE)

Nowadays there are many ways to improve your splashback. Tiles still have a couple of disadvantages you should no longer want to deal with.

The main one is cleaning. Between the tiles are joints that are difficult to clean and keep clean as the surface of these joints is not flat or smooth.

If you think about it more you'll find that mounting tiles to the wall is also not easy, as you have to do it one by one. Ofcourse you want equal spacing between them and they should be level to te floor.

A painstaking job with a high probabillity of messing up.

A plastic kitchen splashback is the perfect solution. It comes in one piece, is completely smooth and flat and fits our modern age.

Modern plastic has several advantages that make it the perfect material to use in a kitchen.

Meet our dibond splashbacks

The dibond material consists of a 3 mm thick plastic core of PE (polyethyleen, type LDPE) with on both sides a thin layer of 0.3 mm thick aluminium. This means you get the best of both worlds. The aluminium is strong, the plastic is light. 

This makes the dibond splashback absolutely perfect for your kitchen.

Qualities of plastic splashbacks

There are a few qualities that all materials in a kitchen should have. There is gonna be heat in the vicinity of your cooker, so heatresistance is needed. 

In addition, it also needs to be waterproof as your sink is also close by.

Fortunately, the dibond material checks all boxes.


The only thing you need to be mindful of are gas cookers.

In the case of long exposure to extreme heat, your plastic core could melt and deform. This would ruin your splashback, we therefore advise to avoid direct contact between any flame and the splashback. 

If you still cook on flames, we advise to leave at least 10 cm between the splashback and the nearest burnerpit. Is the distance between them smaller than 10 cm? Try our aluminium splashback instead. It's called the "Pimp Superior". 

If your don't cook on open flames anymore but instead use an induction or ceramic cooker then you're all good and there is nothing to worry about.

Be mindful of hot pans though. Don't let them touch the splasback directly.

You can check this at your home by placing a large pan on your cooker and see if the pan touches your wall. No? Great! A plastic kitchen splashback is perfect choise for you!


Water is no problem at all. If you splash water on this material it will just flow down to the bottom. Use a piece of cloth to dry it and you're all done.

Easy to clean

It is super easy to clean this material. A clean piece of cloth and a little warm water is all you need.

If you want to clean it more thoroughly you could use some all-purpose clean but there is no need to use brushes, bleach, degreasers or scouring sponges.

In what sizes are dibond splashbacks available?

The maximum lenght of a dibond splashback at Pimp Your Kitchen is 400 cm.

The maximum width is 145 cm.

Need larger sizes? 

Just shove two or more pieces together. In that case, you will see a small joint between them.