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Recipes on your kitchen splashback

Give a personal touch to your kitchen splashback with your favourite recipe! 

We all have a favourite recipe, a dish you could eat every week and you enjoy preparing. Or maybe you just saw a great looking image/recipe somewhere and thought it might look great in your kitchen as well. The colours of the ingredients exactly match the kind of style you're going for, but where to place the tekst? And how do you keep your creation orderly and net?

With these usefull tips, your dream kitchen is one step closer!

  • Choose a recipe that is special to you. Maybe the first dish you ever cooked, or one that your mother or grandma taught you or maybe just your favourite one. This makes it very personal and an excellent choise.
  • When you look for images to match with your recipe, always look for images that display multiple ingredients at once. This will not only look better but also creates a calmness to your eventual design. There are many websites, like iStock, that have hundreds of fotos of vegestables, fruits, spices, pastas, etc.
  • Light grey or white backgrounds create a calm atmosphere in your kitchen. You can give the text any specific colour that makes your design pop or more relaxed. Whatever you like more.
  • Let us make a design for you. Mail us the text you have in mind as well as any images you want to use. We'll make a great piece out of it. If you want us to take the interior of you kitchen into account, send us a picture of your kitchen! We'll match your style!
  • Decide if you only want to list the necessary ingredients or if you also want to include preparation steps. This can be a great addition. All of this can of course be done in any language, but then you'll have to send us the right translation.
  • There are already several recipes in our collections, for instance our Sea Bass, Guacamole or Gazpacho. The current designs are in Dutch, but of course they can all be translated. Not only that, any changes to colour, used images and placement can all be altered. 

Wich recipe would you like?

Inge and Tijs (picture botoom right) designed their own splashback that completely dominates their kitchen!

"Inspired by the Sea Bass design, we also opted for a recipe. We chose Bruschetta. A nice font, beautiful colours and an extra reason to serve it to our guests."


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 17 oktober 2018

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