224. "Colourful Tulips" Kitchen splashback

In our photography studio we've taken no less than 19 different shots of various tulips. This allows us to combine the right arrangement of tulips to perfectly match your kitchen! As the images are of a very high quality, we can also 'zoom in' on the tulips so you can enjoy the soft details of the flowers upclose.

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height (enter)cm
Pimp FlexibleOur laminated splashback designs, 0,5 mm thick, applied as a wallpaper Length is unrestricted, height up to 115 cm
Pimp Solid panelOur dibont panels, 3 mm thick, max size 230 x 70 cm per panel
Pimp Superior panelOur aluminium panels, 2 mm thick, max size 230 x 70 cm per panel
Total amount£
Includes shipping (islands excluded) and VAT. If you need multiple parts, e-mail us for a quote.

Lead time Pimp Flexible 2-3 weeks, Pimp Superior/Pimp Solid 4-6 weeks