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Our Pimp Superior material is the best quality available as a kitchen splashback panel and is exclusively available at PimpYourKitchen.


Despite this, we introduce to you the Pimp Solid material. One step up from our Pimp Flexible laminated designs, the Pimp Solid is a panel that is easy to apply and to keep clean. If you are looking for a kitchen splashback panel, the Pimp Solid might be right for you. Easy to attach onto your walls, at a reasonable price!


Click here for an overview of the different materials we have available. As we understand that it maybe difficult to get a good understanding of the materials over the internet, samples are available on request.



Pimp Solid panels are also known as Dibond panels, consisting of 2 0,3 mm aluminium sheets, with a PE (Polyethylene, type LDPE) filling. The total thickness of the panels is 3 mm. The base colour of the panels is white (close to RAL9016), on this the design is printed. The Pimp Solid panels are then coated with a matte/satin finish, to protect the design and making them easy to clean.



A single Pimp Solid panel can be up about to 350 cm in length and 100 cm in height. When you need a longer panel for your kitchen, we can make it out of different parts. So if your kitchen has one or two corners, we can still make it work! Are you doubting what sizes to order on for your kitchen? Send us an e-mail with your question to: info@pimpyourkitchen.nl

update: in some cases we can accept somewhat longer or taller designs, however this depends on the total size we need to ship. So you can always ask us if we can ship your size.



Our Pimp Solid panels are waterproof and lightweight, the total thickness of the splashback is 3mm. Panels are produced and delivered in a rectangular shape, with straight corners and edges. So on the sides you will see the layers of the thin aluminium sheets with PE core.

The Pimp Solid material can be cut to size by yourself if you have the right equipment if you need to cut out sockets. Or if you wish we can do it for you, you do need to give us the exact dimensions of the cut-outs to be made. We don't charge extra for this service.



You can clean the Pimp Solid kitchen splashback panel using a soft damp cloth with mild detergent or soap. Do not use solvents, degreasing agents, bleach (resin)cleaners or abbrasives as these may affect the coating.


A Pimp Solid kitchen splashback panel is selfextuingishing (flame spread classification class A, based on ASTM E84 methode).
On our Pimp Solid kitchen splashback panels there is a 5-year guarantee on the colourfastness of the material.
Applying the splashback
The Pimp Solid kitchen splashback panel can be applied directly onto the wall or tiles using construction adhesive. We have an instruction video online which shows you exactly how to go about. In the video we'll show you how to apply a design consisting of multiple panels and how you can make your own cutouts for the sockets. We apply the Pimp Solid panel using construction adhesive onto the back wall and we seal off the edge with the worktop surface using silicon sealant.



Delivery time

The estimated delivery time for the Pimp Solid kitchen splashback panels is 4 to 6 weeks. This is counted from when we've received your order and payment and your approval of the design. Our Pimp Solid panels are produced in the Netherlands, and will be shipped overseas from Germany. As each design is custom made to order, they are quality checked before being shipped out. In case that a flaw has been found the design will be reproduced, which may cause a delay in delivery. We put every effort in to make sure your order will be delivered as quickly as possible.
The Pimp Solid kitchen splashback panels are packed in bubblewrap, hardboard or a wooden frame (depending on the size) and cardboard. They are transported with Kühne & Nagel from Germany. When the production and packing of your design is finished, it will be picked up by the transportservice. They will contact you directly to make an appointment for delivery. They will offer you a day for delivery, if you are not at home that day you can ask them to leave it at your neighbours. If the day offered is inconvenient for you, a delivery on a later day can be proposed. This should suffice for a successfull delivery. If not so, then we are forced to bill a surcharge for delivery.


Receiving and unpacking
The kitchen splashback panel will be delivered to your door. If you live in an apartmentbuilding, you are responsible for the delivery inside your home.


Make sure that the packaging is intact when receiving the order, your order is packed well so if the outside is intact, it is safe to assume the splashback is intact as well. If you do notice that the package is damaged, make a note of this on the order form. This is very important for the shipping insurance. If there is no note made when accepting the order with damage on the outside, we can't claim it with the shipping company. Do in any case contact us before installing it, when your order is damaged. As we need to investigate what happened and then possibly replace the design when damaged.


Also make sure to have a torx (Star, t5) screwdriver at hand to unscrew the wooden frame.




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