On the road, visiting our customers

One of the things that we often don't get around to doing, is visiting our customers to shoot their pimped kitchen. One of our new years resolution is to do this more often! (And also posting on our UK website is on the list ;) )


Last week we visited Jeanne, in Lent NL. She e-mailed us a while before, with an image of a concrete wall, asking if we could come up with something similar.

Through Istockphoto.com we found an image that matched what she was looking for. As it obviously was not big enough to cover the entire wall, we edited it so that we could use it for a design for both kitchen walls. You would not think immediately that this design was based on a single photograph, would you?


The result on our Pimp Superior panels looks absolutely stunning.


After that, we visited Wendy and Christian in (our hometown) Nijmegen NL. They had seen our splashback design on display in Peters Kitcheninteriors and were very enthusiastic about our designs. After some consideration they chose our G├╝ell Remastered design on our fantastic Pimp Superior panels.


As you can see that was an excellent choice for their kitchen! The kitchen and splashback design were installed by Peters Kitcheninteriors.


We'd very much like to thank Jeanne and Wendy for their hospitality. So if you have ordered one of our designs for your kitchen, you might receive a phonecall from us :)



images and text: John Kraft - PimpYourKitchen