New York Photography

It was about time to update our New York skyline. We were planning for a traditional panorama, and one taken from the Brooklyn Bridge itself. Ofcourse with the new One Trade Center in the skyline!


See the result of our nighttime panorama. As always we shoot several images (7 for this particular one) next to eachother, that overlap so we can stitch them to a huge panoramic image. This gives us the possibility to use the design for large size designs while maintaining stunning photographic image quality.



For our daytime panorama the weather seemed to be working against us, covering the city in a dense fog. However when the sun broke through it gave us this opportunity to shoot this exciting view.



Here you find a different viewpoint further on the bridge, that has been edited to this warm hue. Notice the section below the image, this is that tiny boat on the left in close up.

See how detailed and sharp that tiny section really is?



Here you can see John at work on the Brooklyn Bridge (picture taken by Debora Heijne)



Besides from shooting panoramic images for our splashback designs, John loves walking around in cities, capturing street images. He spent some time in Williamsburg and was inspired by the Jewish community there.




 © images: John Kraft