236. "Forest Meadow" kitchen splashback design

A serene view across the forest meadow is like a 'camping trip' in your own kitchen!

enjoy the scenery and take a deep breath of fresh air. If you want to have a closer look at all the flowers and grasses, we can make a close-up from a part of the image.

length (enter)cm
height (enter)cm
Pimp FlexibleOur laminated splashback designs, 0,5 mm thick, applied as a wallpaper Length is unrestricted, height up to 115 cm
Pimp Solid panelOur dibont panels, 3 mm thick, max size 230 x 70 cm per panel
Pimp Superior panelOur aluminium panels, 2 mm thick, max size 230 x 70 cm per panel
Total amount£
Includes shipping (islands excluded) and VAT. If you need multiple parts, e-mail us for a quote.

Lead time Pimp Flexible 2-3 weeks, Pimp Superior/Pimp Solid 4-6 weeks